Gun sale discussions expected on state, federal levels

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC)- Sen. Lindsey Graham is expected to introduce  legislation in the U.S. Senate Tuesday or Wednesday related to the Alice Boland case, according to his spokesperson.

Earlier this year, Boland was arrested and accused of trying to shoot two people outside Ashley Hall. The gun never fired, but it was later revealed federal courts had found Boland mentally ill.

The gun shop, which sold Boland the handgun before the alleged incident,  had no way of checking that information.

On Monday Graham's  office would not release any specifics about the bill he is expected to introduce this week, but last month Graham said the measure would keep people who have pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity from buying a gun, even if the criminal charges are dropped.

On the state level, a similar law, backed strongly  by a group of Ashley Hall parents, has been introduced.

It would require the names of those legally judged mentally ill to be put in a federal database for gun background checks. 

South Carolina Sen. Chip Campsen, one of the sponsors, told Live 5 Monday  this Wednesday there is  a subcommittee hearing on the bill in Columbia. Several Ashley Hall parents are expected to attend.

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