McClellanville rallies behind school as CCSD considers changes

McClellanville rallies behind school as CCSD considers changes

MCCLELLANVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Anna Chisolm is back at Lincoln Middle-High School. The school she graduated from nearly 60 years ago.

"It's a community school. It's a family school. Everybody is connected here. Everybody looks out for everybody."

However, the tight-knit school of 140 students may become just Lincoln High. If the school board votes for the proposal students at St. James-Santee Elementary School would stay there for 7th and 8th grade.

"Next year Lincoln would be an eight through 12 school and the following year St. James Santee would keep their eighth graders, so it would grow to become a pre-k thru 8 school," explains Dr. Nancy McGinley, the school district's superintendent

The transition would take a couple of years, but a decision will be made in the coming months.

"I know what you don't like, now I want to know what you do like," says school board member Tom Ducker." Based on that I think we can move forward with a plan that the community can get behind."

Monday night's crowd was passionate. For many, the school's resilience is the community's pride.

"This school has been the center of this community from the middle 1950s to now," says Awendaw Mayor Samuel Robinson.

"I must admit this building has served us well, but it is not the building that we are in love with. We are in love with the spirit of our community."

Current 7th and 8th grade students at Lincoln Middle-High School will remain there. The district is also considering sending high school students to take some electives at Wando High School in Mt. Pleasant.

School officials say they would like as much input as possible. Comments can be posted on the district web site.