Resuscitate or hesitate?

Resuscitate or hesitate?

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC)- Can workers at senior living centers in South Carolina give CPR to residents? The question has surfaced after a California  woman died when CPR was withheld.

It was later revealed that was the facility's policy, and on Tuesday police said the nurse who refused to perform CPR will not  face criminal charges.

As a result,  Bishop Gadsden Vice President and COO Sarah Tipton said she has  fielded many questions from residents living at the Charleston retirement community.

"Before I had heard about this incident, a group of residents stopped me in the café and asked if our nurses would give CPR," said Tipton. "I reassured them, of course."

The executive director for the South Carolina Assisted Living Federation of America, Lara Williams,  said on Tuesday  every retirement community in the state  has to have some agreement with residents about CPR.

But Williams said policies may vary among facilities and it is important to ask about CPR protocol.

According to Tipton, workers  at Bishop Gadsden can give residents CPR unless that resident has signed a "Do Not Resuscitate" form.  That information can be accessed quickly on a laptop  in an emergency situation.

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