Report: Goose Creek Man impersonates US Marshal outside bar

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Investigators say a 48-year-old Goose Creek man was arrested after impersonating a US Marshal using the badge number of a character from the TV show Dragnet.

The Goose Creek Police Department charged Edward Albright with impersonating a law officer, trespassing and carrying a weapon.

On Sunday afternoon, police responded to the K Lounge on 205 North Goose Creek Blvd. for a person in the parking lot claiming to be a US Marshal armed with a knife.

According to police, when officers spotted Albright in the parking lot, he handed police a knife. Albright told the officers that he was a US Marshal and was investigating two vehicles in the parking lot that he said were stolen.

When asked for his credentials, Albright said he did not have them with him. Authorities then asked which field office Albright worked for to which Albright responded that he preferred to remain anonymous.

Albright told the officers that his supervisor was "Mr. Jones" and that he couldn't remember his telephone number. Officers say the they began to suspect that Albright was lying about his status as a US Marshal and arrested him.

Two women told police that they were approached by Albright as they were heading to their vehicles. Albright asked the women who owned their vehicles and told the two he was a US Marshal.

When the women asked Albright for his badge, he said he did not have it on him. A police report states that as one of the women was getting her registration out of her car, the other woman saw a knife behind Albright's back.

The witnesses then called out to another woman to call the police. At that point, police say Albright again asked one of the women to see her registration, however she refused.

The two women then went back into the bar and locked the door until police arrived.

Albright also told investigators that his badge number was 714, which was the badge number for Sgt. Joe Friday from the TV series Dragnet.

The US Marshall's field office told authorities that Albright was not a US Marshall.  He was locked up at the Berkeley County Detention Center.

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