Legislators to SCHSL: Change rules or else

Goose Creek administrators appear before the SCHSL.
Goose Creek administrators appear before the SCHSL.

Associated Press

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Legislators say this weekend could decide the fate of the South Carolina High School League.

A bill discussed by a Senate panel Wednesday would eliminate the independent, dues-paying organization that governs middle and high school sports. Its responsibilities would transfer to the state Education Department, under an athletic commissioner appointed by the state superintendent.

The league is made up of more than 200 member schools that set their competition rules.

Legislators have long complained about the league. But its decisions that knocked defending state football champions Goose Creek out of the playoffs prompted the bill to get rid of it.

Senators say they're watching to see how schools' representatives vote on proposals that provide an appeals process and tiered set of punishments. The league meets Saturday in Charleston.

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