SC Legislature to take 2-week spring break

The Statehouse (Source: WIS)
The Statehouse (Source: WIS)

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - The South Carolina Legislature is taking a two-week spring break, saving taxpayers nearly $150,000.

The Senate voted Wednesday to not meet the weeks before and after Easter. The House had already decided to do so.

The House usually takes off at least one week around Easter. But this marks the first time in at least three decades that the Senate has taken two weeks off.

Taxpayers save mileage and daily expenses given to legislators. The savings amounts to $50,000 weekly for the House's 124 members and $23,000 weekly for the Senate's 46 members.

The House has passed a measure that would shorten the regular legislative session by two months. Similar proposals have previously died in the Senate.

Legislators meet Tuesdays through Thursdays from early January through June.

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