Dog needs his own Seeing Eye dog

DENVER (KUSA/CNN) - Two dogs are searching for a new home, but they share a special bond and need to stay together.

Jack and Chico ended up at a Denver animal shelter in December when their owner died.

The middle-aged cattle dogs are best buddies and they also depend on each other.

Chico has no eyes and he relies on Jack to get around.

"They're inseparable basically. We walk them together. It's very easy. They're housed in the same room together and they really don't like being apart, especially Chico. It makes him kind of nervous," said shelter volunteer Kathy Kelly-Weston.

Chico can get around pretty well with his memory and sense of smell, but Jack helps him out a great deal.

The MaxFund animal shelter says the best place for them is a home without other animals.

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