Saturday's meeting could be game changer for high school league

Saturday's meeting could be game changer for high school league

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - A decision made by the South Carolina High School League knocked out the Goose Creek Gators from the state football playoffs last year.

"We would like to save the high school league, if it can be saved," says Chuck Reedy, Goose Creek High School's head football coach. "Certainly, the high school league serves a purpose and has for almost a 100 years."

Reedy says the organization, which sets competition rules for high and middle school sports, is broken, but not obsolete. Earlier this week, state senators discussed eliminating the league if changes aren't made. Reedy says the league also needs more of a presence in the Lowcountry. There's just one representative, and it happens to be Goose Creek High School's principal.

If the league votes this weekend not to make any changes and it's ultimately eliminated, the organization's responsibilities will pass to the state education department.

"We would rather our members make decisions, make amendments without having be told what to do," says Jimmy Huskey, Goose Creek High School's principal. "We think we know what's best for children."

Reedy says what happened last season was devastating, but he and his players have moved on. He wants to make sure it doesn't happen again to them or another team.

"I think our guys learned a valuable life lesson that life isn't always fair, and when it's not fair you have to be a man. You have to face it, and you have to move forward."

The league's 200-plus members will vote Saturday on any amendment changes. A two-thirds majority is needed for an amendment to pass.