Security company personalizes and maximizes school safety

Security company personalizes and maximizes school safety

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Gal Nir, CEO of Scopus Security Solutions, says Adam Lanza was able to murder 20 children and six adults partly because law enforcement couldn't get to him.

"There needs to be a more reasonable and professional way to deal with those kinds of activities is to have a system and that system also includes human ability to respond in the case of an active shooter enter the building."

Scopus Security Solutions designs custom-made safety plans for schools based on their campus, building, and community. It created an "active shooter" drill for Addlestone Hebrew Academy in January.

"Where to meet the law enforcement, what kind of information they would need, blueprints and other information," says Nir.

Nir says school districts must work with all the agencies involved during a crisis, from the police department to the first responders to the SWAT team. He says working with all these groups in a seamless way takes practice.

"Fire drills are a little easier for us," explains Susan Weintrob, the head of Addlestone Hebrew Elementary. "They're more predictable, but especially in the case of an intruder, that is a difficult situation for anyone, but for those of us who are educators, we're not trained."

Addlestone Hebrew Elementary says the drill helped them navigate their children to safety more quickly and consider some infrastructure changes.

"We have looked into cameras and creating barriers, for example at the door we see here, which is a double-door that could be easily accessed with a vehicle," says Weintrob.

Addlestone Hebrew Academy and the Jewish Community Center of Charleston will implement their new safety plans in the fall.