DUI Rodeo: High schoolers learn the dangers of drunk driving

DUI Rodeo: High schoolers learn the dangers of drunk driving

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Hundreds of high school students got a sobering lesson Thursday as they head into spring break, prom and graduation.

In a DUI simulation at Goose Creek High School, a cone represented a life taken.

"It was scary and I felt nauseous," said 10th grader Taylor Vega.

She strapped on the 'drunk goggles' and pressed the gas.

"Oh this is very difficult, I feel like i'm legit drunk. Oh my God," said Vega.

Seeing through the eyes of a drunk driver was harder than it looked. Vega said responsibility is important to her and driving drunk isn't worth it.

"Not only can you kill yourself but you can kill other people around you and you could go to jail for that or end your life," said Vega.

Hundreds of students went through the 'DUI Rodeo' organized by the High School Injury Prevention Coalition. They are a group of local emergency responders, hospitals and agencies.

There was a demonstration that showed what could happen in a roll over at 15 miles per hours if you aren't wearing your seat belt. The crash dummy was ejected from the vehicle.

"You could imagine what it would do to a real life human at highway speeds between 60 and 70 miles an hour," said Senior State Trooper Bridget Wyant.

Carl Fehr, President of the High School Injury Prevention Coalition said, "A lot of students feel that they themselves are invincible. It really opens up their eyes and really helps them understand how important this is to us and to them."

The goal of the group is to raise awareness against underage drinking and to show the deadly effects of driving with distractions or even while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Fehr said, "They hopefully will take that home when they get behind the wheel or when they're with someone who is behind the wheel and tell them not to do that or not do it themselves."

The high schoolers walked away with a good grade on the test, not for driving, but for learning the overall message.

"So I think that if you're irresponsible now, you'll be irresponsible in the future. Practice responsibility now and that's how you'll be when you grow up," said Vega.

The High School Injury Prevention Coalition does demonstrations every month at area high schools to raise awareness.

Their next stop will be West Ashley and Ashley Ridge high schools.

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