Boeing: Testing of redesigned battery to be completed in weeks

Boeing: Testing of redesigned battery to be completed within weeks

TOKYO, JAPAN - CEO, Ray Conner, says they are looking for feedback from their customers and Japanese partners as they move forward with their plan.

The comprehensive solution includes moving to a lithium battery. The company's chief engineer, Mike Sinnett, says lithium batteries are easier to charge, lighter, and last longer. He says it's important to note that the battery has only a back-up function in flight. It 's mostly used when the plane is on the ground for maintenance.

Sinnett says no damage was done to the structure of their airplanes during any of the battery complications. According to Sinnett, all the damage was within two-feet of the battery and there were no explosions. Conner says they're ready to execute the solution they've come up with.

"Our solution is the result of literally of thousands of hours of analysis and tests, not only with our engineering teams across the Boeing enterprise, but also with experts across the industry and with agencies across the globe."

On Tuesday, the Federal Aviation Administration approved tests for Boeing's redesigned battery system. Conner and Sinnett say ground testing of system will take weeks.

The entire 787 fleet, around the world, has been grounded since January 16th.