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Former teacher returns to Summerville school, gets arrested

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A former teacher at Dubose Middle School was arrested this week after she returned to the school, resisted arrest and locked herself in a classroom, authorities say.

The Dorchester County Sheriff's Office charged Bridget Sobers, who was a former teacher at the middle school, with disturbing school, resisting arrest and trespassing.

On Wednesday afternoon, a Dorchester County sheriff's deputy on duty at the school was told that Sobers was somewhere in the sixth grade section. School officials told the deputy that Sobers had not scheduled a conference with any teachers and was not there to address any academic concerns concerning her child.

The school official and the deputy then searched for Sobers and found her inside a classroom.

A police report states when the school official asked Sobers to step outside of the classroom, Sobers said she wasn't going to talk and told the school official to go away and leave her alone.

The school official then told Sobers that she needed to leave the classroom and school campus.

According to investigators, Sobers continued to refuse to leave and began using her cellphone, saying that she would contact personnel from the school district office to handle the situation.

The deputy then told Sobers that the matter needed to be resolved at the front office, away from the classrooms and the students in the area. Sobers told the deputy that she was not going to leave and he needed to leave.

An incident report states after the deputy told Sobers several times to go to the front office, Sobers became "obnoxious" as she spoke on her cellphone while walking down the sixth grade hallway.

Authorities say Sobers started to disrupt meetings in the area by knocking on classroom doors and raising her voice. At one point, the deputy reported Sobers went into a classroom and shut the door, preventing anyone from entering.

The deputy then opened the door using a school master key and told Sobers that she was being placed under arrest. The sheriff's office says Sobers did not comply and took a defensive stance.

The school official then cleared the classroom which was filled with teachers and juveniles.

Investigators say after the deputy gave several commands to Sobers to turn around and place her hands behind her back, the deputy grabbed Sobers by her wrist in an attempt to bring her arm behind her back. According to the sheriff's office, Sobers pulled her arm back and told the deputy that she wasn't going anywhere.

As the deputy continued to tell Sobers to stop resisting, authorities say Sobers started to yell and demand that she talk to someone. The deputy said he then attempted to bring Sobers to the ground in order to put handcuffs on her, but Sobers continued to resist and became "extremely irate and combative."

The deputy then contacted emergency dispatch to send an additional deputy to help. Both deputies then grabbed Sobers, brought her to the ground and placed handcuffs on her.

An incident report states Sobers continued to yell using profane language as she was brought to a patrol car.

Authorities report that Sobers began to have a panic attack in the patrol car. An incident report states that Sobers was able to direct deputies to her medication which she then took.

Sobers was then transported to jail.

DD2 spokesperson Pat Raynor said Sobers resigned sometime earlier this year, but could not offer further comment.


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