Peace group to help neighborhood ‘take back their streets’

Peace group to help neighborhood ‘take back their streets’

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - In an effort to bring an end to violence, peace coalition, People United to Take Back Our Streets marched through the Waylyn neighborhood with a message loud and clear, cease fire and stop the violence.

Co-founder Pastor Thomas Dixon said, "We're here to stop the violence, we're here to help you stop the violence."

Their goal is to help change the community for the better.

"School is almost out. We need our kids to be at peace in these communities," said co-founder Elder James Johnson.

Some walked; others drove as they all went door to door handing out flyers of future community events. It's part of their commitment to peace and organizing the neighborhood.

Elder Johnson said, "Getting the community out, if we can get them out, this can be a good community."

Pastor Thomas Dixon said time is running out.

"If we don't do something right now, there's no way to imagine how bad it's going to get," said Dixon.

Taking action after the recent murder of teenager Rodriguez Henderson who was shot down in the neighborhood, the coalition ended their march in front of the home where it happened.

Pastor Dixon said in a prayer, "We come before you Lord on behalf of that young man who just represents thousands upon thousands of inner city people that are dying every day."

Coalition members are hopeful their work will indeed help give residents of the Waylyn neighborhood a way to unite and take back their streets.

Right now the coalition has a 6 month plan of events lined up. The first community meeting will be Tuesday, March 19th from 6 to 8pm at the Shiloh 7th Day Adventist Church.

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