Authorities bust mobile meth lab at safety checkpoint

COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Police have arrested a 46-year-old man after investigators found a mobile meth lab during a safety checkpoint in Cottageville over the weekend.

On Saturday night, the Cottageville Police Department was conducting a traffic safety point at the intersection of Griffith Acres and Jacksonboro Road when they stopped Luddie Marvin Ackerman's truck.

Authorities say during the stop, officers spotted a white powder on a coffee bean grinder located in the back of Ackerman's truck. When police asked Ackerman if the grinder was his, Ackerman said the item belonged to his friends.

After receiving permission to search the truck, officers said they also found a 6-inch funnel, more white powder substance on the front seat of the driver's side, plastic bottles, camping fuel, razor blades and a glass cooking dish with more white substance dried in the inside.

Authorities then arrested Ackerman due to finding items that are common when making methamphetamine. A field test was also done on a piece of the plastic hose which tested positive for meth.

According to investigators, Ackerman admitted to cooking a quantity of meth earlier in the evening. Colleton County Fire and Rescue responded to the scene and decontaminated Ackerman.

Authorities then photographed the material and destroyed it due to the toxic nature of the drug.

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