Elizabeth Colbert Busch wins Democratic primary

Colbert Busch entered her watch party lit up by camera flashes.
Colbert Busch entered her watch party lit up by camera flashes.

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Associated Press has called the race for the Democratic nomination for the 1st Congressional District seat, and Elizabeth Colbert Busch is your winner.

The newcomer's first foray into politics is off to a pretty good start, as she handily defeated Ben Frasier, the only other Democrat running in the race.

Ater garnering 96 percent of the vote, with most of the precincts reporting in, Elizabeth Colbert Busch addressed her hundreds of supporters with unbridled enthusiasm.

"I want to say to the voters of the 1st Congressional District of South Carolina, Democrats, Independents and Republicans, I have been listening and I hear you. I understand your frustrations and your aspirations. I will never stop listening to you—and I am ready to be your voice in Washington."

She added, "My pledge is to you. You are my only cause. I will fight to improve your lives and the lives of your children."

Noting the lack of women from South Carolina who have served in Congress, she said, "Our history tells us South Carolina has sent only two women to Washington. Perhaps that is why the voices of thousands of mothers and fathers living paycheck to paycheck are often drowned out by other priorities and agendas. When I was a young, single mother I personally knew that feeling. I am ready to speak up for those voices."

"If you elect me to Congress on May 7th, I will be your voice in Washington obligated to no one except you, the people of the 1st Congressional District of South Carolina."

Colbert Busch called her nomination "the start of a new beginning."

She said she would focus her campaign platform on job creation, education, reducing the deficit, social security and Medicare.

"The bottom line is - we have to talk to each other and work with each other."

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