Charleston-area veterans protest sequestration

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Veterans gathered in downtown Charleston Wednesday to protest against sequestration cuts that may affect funding for veteran programs provided by the Department of Labor.

"There are so many veterans that are unemployed; we need more support," said Delmar Davids, who retired from the Air Force in 2005 after serving 24 years.

He says it's the unknown that scares him, "Is it going to be staffing? Is it going to take longer to get benefits? We just don't know yet."

The organizers of the protest say they want South Carolina senators Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott to try and reverse the cuts – that could also impact social security and medicare – and work with their Democrat counterparts to get it done.

"I don't care how big or small government is; I only care if it works."

Earlier this week, we speak with Senator Graham about the cuts. He said he would be introducing legislation calling on all members of Congress to cut their pay by 20%.

"Every time the budget needs to be cut, it's on the backs of veterans and our middle class and working families. If there are protests here every day, I'll come out here every day," said another protestor, Bobbie Rose.

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