Bats removed from N. Charleston DSS office

The DSS office on Rivers Avenue.
The DSS office on Rivers Avenue.

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A bat infestation at the Department of Social Services' North Charleston office has been taken care of, and officials say future inspections are planned to ensure they do not return.

A spokesperson for the City of North Charleston says the bats that set up home in the DSS office are all gone and the building has been cleaned.

According to DSS, the bats have been "more of a nuisance than anything" at the offices located at 3366 Rivers Avenue.

Exterminators were called in last weekend to address the problem.

On Wednesday, we spoke with the owner of a nuisance and wildlife removal service in Charleston. He said the process of getting rid of an infestation is to use a "flush pipe," which works as a one-way door to force the bats out.

The owner said the most concerning issue associated with bats is the waste they leave behind, which can cause respiratory problems or headaches.

Areas having been previously infested with bats must be thoroughly disinfected, according to exterminators.