Plan to reduce speeding, shootings includes more police on I-26

More police patrolling I-26, new plan to reduce shootings and speeding

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - A new plan from the South Carolina Department of Public Safety could keep you and your family safer. State Representative Wendell Gilliard and law enforcement are teaming up to stop shootings and speeding on roads in North Charleston.

Gilliard said, "You're talking lives, saving lives, you're talking preventing any type of major incidents that might take a life."

Representative Gilliard asked for a solution to ongoing problems of violence and reckless driving on the interstate.

"We have to stop the shootings. We have to stop the speeding. It has to come to a halt," said Gilliard.

The Department of Public Safety came back with a plan to beef up patrols along the stretch of interstate where I-26 meets Ashley Phosphate road.

State Trooper Bob Beres said, "Overall goal, number one is public safety."

There will be safety check points near exit 209 and more early morning patrols from 2am to 5am. Drivers will see nighttime seat belt enforcement at Stall and Ashley Phosphate Roads. Police will also be on College Park Road near exit 216 with radar guns looking for speeders.

Getting drivers to slow down isn't the only goal of this combined effort. Representative Gilliard is also hoping it will cut down violence along the interstate.

Over the last 2 years, there were several cases of shootings on the interstate in the area of Ashley Phosphate. Two of those fights started at Club Crucial, according to North Charleston police.

The new plan calls for the combined effort of police agencies.

Beres said, "Not only does it encompass that area with Charleston County, North Charleston Police department and the Highway Patrol, but it's a greater law enforcement presence. One agency can't do everything. We have to be able to work together."

To avoid the blue lights, law enforcement officials say drivers should slow down and be patient.

Representative Gilliard said with the quick response from the Department of Public Safety to create the plan, he believes this is a step in the right direction.

Drivers should expect to see more patrols throughout the next couple of months.

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