Homeowners blame passing cars for creating wake in flood

Homeowners blame passing cars for damaging wake

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A bin full of soggy cereal boxes sat in the front door of Green's Grocery. Owner Modoy Yousef said the food was ruined after flooding damaged his store on Sunday.

"I'll throw it away," he said, estimating losses at $3,000.

Yousef partly blamed passing cars for creating a wake, which further pushed water into his President St. store.  Yousef wasn't alone in his frustration.

"I was out here yelling, 'please stop!'  The water is coming in my house and they look at me like, 'we don't care'," homeowner Mamie Poole said, pointing to a stack of towels piled up behind her front door used to soak up the waves. 

"I'm ready to move out of this area -- I really am.  Twenty-five, almost 26 years, and look at what I've been going through.  And it's not getting any better," she said.

Charleston Police Spokesman Charles Francis said barricades are placed at streets where conditions are impassable for drivers.

Drainage projects will continue at Spring St. and Fishburne St. next month when contractors will bid on three projects, according to City of Charleston Public Safety Director Laura Cabiness.

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