Report: Walterboro man headbutts police officer, patrol car

COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A 51-year-old man is behind bars after authorities say he headbutted a police officer who was attempting to take a picture of him.

The Walterboro Public Safety Department charged Elgin Merlejr Selbee with disturbing the peace, obstructing law enforcement and third-degree assault and battery.

Officers responded to an apartment on Mable T. Willis Boulevard early Saturday morning for a dispute over money.

When police arrived, they heard Selbee yelling and shouting at a 52-year-old woman from inside the apartment. A police report states officers found a dagger with a 4-inch blade and a white pocket knife on Selbee.

Selbee, who officers say was "very loud and boisterous," told investigators that the victim took $300 from him.

According to police, Selbee was so loud that neighbors were starting to come out of their apartments. The victim also showed officers damage done to her apartment by Selbee.

Officers say as they were transporting Selbee to jail, he began to headbutt the plexi glass in the patrol car.

Authorities say when they arrived at the jail, the suspect continued to be loud and boisterous.

An incident report states that when a police officer went to take Selbee's picture, Selbee charged the officer and headbutted him.

Officers say they were able to get Selbee off the officer and place him in a chair.

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