Pistol-whipped infant investigation slowed by 'inconsistencies'

Cops: Baby pistol-whipped in head during Goose Creek armed robbery
The parking lot.
The parking lot.
Kayden lies down while Karsen speaks to Reporter Mark Davenport.
Kayden lies down while Karsen speaks to Reporter Mark Davenport.
Another picture of Kayden.
Another picture of Kayden.

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Goose Creek police are trying to figure out exactly who was involved and what role they may have played after an 11-month-old boy was allegedly pistol-whipped during an armed robbery Monday night.

According to an incident report, the assault happened in the parking lot of the Dollar General located at 205 North Goose Creek Boulevard around 8 p.m.

The report states 19-year-old Karsen Ruffin was trying to sell an iPad she had posted on Craigslist.

Before the iPad was sold to an online buyer Ruffin says a woman named Traci, who she met two weeks earlier, told her she knew of two men who were interested in the Apple product.

Ruffin says her new acquaintance, Traci, set up a meeting between her and two of her male friends.

After following the men to a handful of meeting places, Ruffin told officers things 'got out of control' when the two groups finally met up in the parking lot of the Goose Creek Dollar General.

Ruffin, who was in a car with Traci and her 11-month-old Kayden, told police one of the men interested in the iPad walked up to their car and pulled out a gun demanding money from her.

"I never imagined like it would go that far over an iPad and over $10," said Ruffin. "That's all I had on me was $10."

Ruffin says when she refused to hand over more money along with the iPad, she told police the suspect moved to the rear driver's side door of the vehicle, where Kayden was seated in a car seat.

The suspect then asked her again for money, and she told him "the baby sure won't give it to you." The man then hit Kayden twice on the head with a pistol before walking to his vehicle and leaving the scene with the iPad, the report states.

"When he hit my child it was a big clunk," said Ruffin. "He then started to laugh. He tortured my child for no apparent reason so that makes him a monster to me."

Ruffin says she saw blood coming from the child's head and says he was having a seizure. The baby was taken to Medical University of South Carolina for treatment.

Ruffin says she waited more than two hours, the amount of time Kayden was unconscious, before Doctors gave her an update.

"I was in the waiting room covered in tears," says Ruffin. "When they came out and told me he was awake and he wanting to play, it was like, I was in heaven."

Kayden was released on Tuesday, but is planning on returning for follow-up examinations at another hospital over the next few days.

During the initial investigation, Goose Creek police stated they observed 'inconsistencies' in statements they received from the woman named Traci. A supplemental report states Traci's statement contradicts the one made by Ruffin about the same incident.

According to officers, Traci said $300 was taken along with the iPad. The timeline of events, as described by Traci, also did not match up according to the incident report.

The responding officer noted Traci told him she was with the two men earlier in the day and they were acquaintances. She also told the officer one of the men was in possession of a handgun when they were together that morning.

Goose Creek Police were able to identify the two men who are accused of the armed robbery and assault.

However, they are making sure they get the complete story from all parties involved before moving forward with possible charges associated with the case.

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