Chilly temperatures not keeping tourists from enjoying Charleston

Cold Temps

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston's warm climate is what some northerners were looking forward to, but it hasn't turned out quite how they hoped.

"I packed a bathing suit," says Gina Degaetano, who's visiting from Virginia. "I packed sun dresses. I was expecting sunny and bright and laying on the water, and now I'm in a winter coat and I have two coats on underneath this."

"I mean we could have stayed home and had this," says Kathy Evans from Rochester. "It's 40s at home."

However, vacationers say they're making the most of this beautiful city. The McDunn family even stepped inside Belgian Gelato, not to warm-up, but, enjoy a cold treat.

"I'm thinking of putting my swim trunks on," says Minnesota resident Jason McDunn. "I was going to go in the ocean. This is nothing compared to what I just came from in Minnesota."

Some New Yorkers found the silver lining as they strolled around downtown.

"Not disappointed with Charleston," says Joan Burgess. "The sun was out. It could be raining, but it's cold."

"We really were hoping to be spending a lot of time in the pool, but you know we don't mind wearing our gloves and coats as long as we're having a good time," says Stephanie Orfini.

Some say they're going to take their chances and head farther south. Others are heading home.

"We're thinking about maybe just heading south towards Florida tonight just because it's so cold," says McDunn. "We weren't expecting it to be quite this cold."

"We've been to Florida and it's cold there," says Carl Evans from Rochester. "We went to Atlanta and it's cold there, and now we're here and it's cold here. We're going to go back to Rochester where it's cold there too."