Report: Woman tosses boyfriend's prosthetic legs after stabbing him

(Photo: WYFF)
(Photo: WYFF)


An Upstate woman is accused of stabbing her boyfriend, then tossing his prosthetic legs in the yard to prevent him from chasing her.

Greenwood police said that Michelle Thomas called them just after 11 p.m. Monday, and said that she had been in an altercation with her live-in boyfriend, who she said was drunk and had hit her after she threw a pack of cigarettes to him. 

She told police she ran into the kitchen and got a kitchen knife, and warned him to stop hitting her or she would stab him.

Thomas said her boyfriend continued to come at her, so she began swinging the knife at him to defend herself.  She said she knew she had cut her boyfriend's hands, but did not know if she had cut him anywhere else.  She said she then pulled off her boyfriend's prosthetic leg to immobilize him and tossed it and a spare prosthetic leg out the door and called police.

Officers said they could see a small knot in the middle of Thomas' forehead, and a small laceration to her right hand that she told them she got when her boyfriend tried to take the knife from her.

Police said that the boyfriend told them that Thomas had attacked him in the bedroom for no reason and his hands were injured when he tried to shield his face from the attack.  He said Thomas then pulled off his prosthetic leg and stabbed him in the leg.

Officers said that the boyfriend kept screaming, "She tried to kill me for no reason."  Police said there was a large amount of blood in the hallway and in the bedroom where the boyfriend was located, and he had stab wounds on both hands and his left thigh.

The boyfriend was transported by ambulance to Self Regional Hospital.

Officers said Thomas was placed under arrest because her boyfriend's wounds were consistent with him trying to shield his face.

Police said they found the boyfriend's prosthetic legs in the yard and returned them to him.

Thomas is charged with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature.  Her boyfriend was not charged.

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