CBS pilot “Reckless” filming, bill may impact future productions

CBS pilot “Reckless” filming, bill may impact future productions

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Production crews of the CBS pilot "Reckless" are using areas of Charleston as their back drop to shoot the new legal drama.

Harald Galinski, the Director of Studio Charleston in West Ashley said, "They typically come in and produce as fast as they can, It then gets presented and hopefully picked up."

Studio Charleston is the largest production facility in South Carolina. Construction crews of "Reckless" are using some of the 70 thousand square foot space for set design.

Galinski said, "Alone in our facility we house the construction department. We house set deck and the props people. Those together are approximately 28 to 30 people alone."

Galinski said film and TV productions pump millions of dollars into the economy.

"Dear John in 6 months in South Carolina and the Charleston region spent about 13 million dollars," said Galinski.

He said Charleston has the right mix of what production studios are looking for, but it may not be enough if the state Senate doesn't approve a bill that will catch the attention of film makers.

"What we are trying to do is simply bring the incentives to a level to which they are competitive to North Carolina and Georgia," said Galinski.

It's a plan that could draw in more business to the state.

Galinski said, "Rather than buying signs and light bulbs from another state, if you buy it here from local vendors and local people, you get a rebate."

Galinski's future in the industry may depend on whether the bill gets passed.

"If this bill doesn't pass, I am not sure how Studio Charleston will survive. It's going to be very challenging to maintain 70 thousand square feet without big productions," said Galinski.

Galinski hopes the Senate makes a decision by the end of April. The bill will then go to the House and if passed, to the governor for final approval.

For those of you hoping to get some camera time, "Reckless" has a Facebook page for extras called CBS Reckless Extras.

TV crews for "Reckless" will wrap up shooting in early April.

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