Running club for kids with asthma to take part in Bridge Run

Running club for kids with asthma to take part in bridge run

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - On Friday, a group of kids from Stono Park Elementary school will be taking part in the annual Cooper River Bridge run.

What makes the one mile run a big deal for the kids is that they are running with asthma.

"I'm really excited because we are doing a mile run and it will help me,"said club member Haley Cook.

The running club at Stono was started by school nurse Maimie Rader after realizing a high percentage of kids at the school were dealing with asthma.

Rader was able to get a grant from the Cooper River Bridge Run Foundation and purchase running shoes and clothes for the kids.

"They were so excited that they could be active and run, jump and play,"Rader said.

The club members meet twice a week after school, preparing for their run with a light snack and evaluation. The kids also do a half hour of yoga before running.

Pediatric Lung Specialist Doctor C. Michael Bowman says running is the best way to help combat the condition and help build up a child's lung function.

"Its a great opportunity for grade school children to realize activity can be fun and it's possible they can do it,"Michael Bowman said.

Rader says running the race Friday will give the kids a sense of accomplishment.

Before her running club, Rader says the kids could only be active for a few minutes and now they're active for almost an hour.

"They have all improved tremendously they are active and we have stats that their lung function is better," Rader said.

"I really improved by it and it really helps me," said runner Haley Cook.

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