Colbert Busch kicks off special election campaign

Charleston, SC (AP) - Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch is not talking about former Gov. Mark Sanford's past indiscretions as the two enter a month long campaign to win a vacant South Carolina congressional seat.

Colbert Busch says things are good in South Carolina's 1st District and she wants to go to Washington to make them better.

Colbert Busch would not talk about Sanford's past, saying she would run a positive campaign and focus on what can be in the future. She would not answer a question on whether Sanford's past should influence voters' decisions, saying simply she is concentrating on creating jobs.

Colbert Busch faces Sanford in the May 7 special election. He is trying to make a comeback after his political career was sidelined in 2009 after confessing an extramarital affair.

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