Report: ReVille investigation well-intentioned, inadequate

Skip ReVille
Skip ReVille

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - According to an independent report by The Citadel, the school made no effort to conceal their investigation into convicted child molester, Louis "Skip" ReVille.

The report, released Friday afternoon documenting how The Citadel handled the sex abuse scandal involving ReVille, concluded that there appeared to be "no conspiracy or decision process with an underlying purpose of concealment of allegation."

A summary of the report also states that the investigation was a "well-intentioned but inadequate investigation" that was done by a single administrative member. According to the report, the school was not well prepared to handle the incident and looked to its legal counsel for guidance.

The report also recommended that the school revise their policy on protecting minors, add more sex abuse training and hire part timers to oversee new policies that may be implemented.

The Citadel Board of Visitors received the findings of the report Thursday night are expected to take action on the recommendations Monday morning. The findings are a result of a team of investigators and researchers who interviewed 40 people, reviewed thousands of pages of documents and several hundred thousand emails.

Citadel Board of Visitor's Chairman Doug Snyder said the report confirms that the college is moving in the right direction under school president Gen. John Rosa.

"The report is silent with regard to accountability which is troublesome because without accountability there will be no prevention," said Attorney Mullins McLeod who is representing a camper who came forward in 2007 along with other ReVille victims."The families feel strongly that had the people in charge at The Citadel practiced what they preached then innocent children would not have been abused."

"My son had the courage to speak up and report sexual abuse," said a father of an abused camper and a Citadel graduate."Our family, without any agenda or malice towards my alma mater, reported the abuse to Lt. Gen. Rosa's office in April of 2007. My son described the abuse in detail along with his knowledge of other campers who experienced similar abuse during the summers of 2001 and 2002. The policy attached to this release speaks for itself and so does the inaction of President Rosa and his confidants."

Last June, ReVille pleaded guilty to nearly two dozen child sex charges and was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

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