Friends describe couple slain in St. Maarten as "perfect"

As the old saying goes, you can't exactly choose family, but Rion Spangler picked Thelma and Mike King to be the godparents for his son.

But over the weekend, Spangler had to have a grown-up conversation with his teenage son, telling him that his godparents were gone.

And it was no accident.

"I've been to friends' funerals we've lost and it's been a celebration, but how do you celebrate a murder, and it's new to me," Spangler said. "I don't know many people who's had a friend murdered."

Mike and Thelma were stabbed to death and found in their St. Maarten home. Officers there say it was brutal. An unnamed man has been arrested.

"Maybe it was an idiot on crack looking for somebody," said Spangler, "but Mike didn't carry cash."

Mike may not have carried cash, but he had it.

Spangler says his life long friend and best man in his wedding got into insurance, then sold off a label factory all while juggling a home in Mt. Pleasant and the one St. Maarten.

Spangler says Mike's success came from old-fashioned hard work.

Spangler also remembers his last conversation with Mike.

"He was talking about a business," Spangler said. "He was about to go in the island. He was real excited about that. It was a rum business."

Unfortunately, that rum business that will never get off the ground.

Spangler says as to why it happened, he's not sure he'll ever know, but his comfort is in what he knows for certain.

"Just the perfect couple, no children, just to live a good life with each other," said Spangler. "They both accepted that when they knew they weren't having children. They didn't get down about it, just accepted life, they had a good life, a beautiful life."

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