State legislators talk gun control

State Legislators talk gun control

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - A few state representatives gathered in Goose Creek Friday night for a conversation about all kinds of issues, but the discussion quickly turned to the hot button issue of gun control.

Beverly Brown says she wanted to spend her Friday night with a few Lowcountry representatives to talk jobs.

"As far as the jobs that are coming here, I want to know how many people are being hired from this community."

However, the pressing issue of the night was the one that has been front and center nationally for months, gun control. Representative Wendell Gilliard, one of four elected officials at the forum, is pushing for a ban on assault rifles. He drafted a bill in November.

"We're losing our children, our law officers are being put in jeopardy, and I think we in America, we now have to come to a solution. People are tired of talking. They want action."

Representative David Mack says the gun control debate is one of the toughest.

"In referencing Representative Wendell Gilliard's bill, which I support 100%, there's no reason for someone to have an assault rifle."

He says some kind of firearm insurance may be part of a solution.

"If someone has some problem beforehand, they are going to have to pay more for the insurance. We all know that's not going to stop the criminal, but if it stops one person, if it stops one person. There's the old saying all you can do is all you can do."

Representative Samuel Rivers, who was also at the forum, says we don't need more gun laws. He says we must enforce the existing gun laws.