Colleton Co. Sheriff's Office: Easy production makes meth more dangerous

CCSO: Easy production makes meth more dangerous

COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Making meth doesn't require a lab or any fancy equipment, just some items that can be found in most homes. According to the Colleton County Sheriff's Office, that's what makes the drug so dangerous.

It's a deadly drug with an easy recipe.

"Someone with an 8th grade education can make it," says Lieutenant Jason Chapman of the Colleton County Sheriff's Office.

Chapman says methamphetamine can be made in small spaces like cars, mobile homes, and hotel rooms. He says spotting these makeshift meth labs has transformed training for narcotic teams in the last few years. Officers are also learning which ingredients are red flags.

"They're going to have to have salt, lithium batteries, Coleman fuel. Of course the most important part is Sudafed."

Pseudoephedrine is found in cold and allergy medicines. Chapman says South Carolina has a tracking tool called NPLEx in place. If a store sells an unusually high volume of the medication in a short amount of time, alerts are sent to law enforcement.

Chapman says the easy setup is what makes meth so dangerous. All the ingredients are combined into your average soda bottle.

"They'll actually have to shake the bottle for the chemical reaction to occur."

He says they will continue to work more leads and intel as the sheriff's office wages it's own battle against drugs in Colleton County.

"We devote all of our time to fighting that war, and I think we'll continue to do so until it's either won or something changes."

Since January, the Colleton County Sheriff's Office has dismantled seven meth labs in the county.