CCSD security director outlines recommendations for school safety

CCSD security director outlines recommendations for school safety

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston County School District can better protect their students by implementing a series of safety procedures, according to the district's security director.

Jeff Scott presented a list of recommendations at a workshop session of the Charleston County School Board.  The recommendations were devised after a massive security evaluation of all schools within the district.

Scott said the recommendation that would make the "biggest difference" in the safety of students would be to fulfill a request to purchase an additional 70 school-based radios.  The district currently has 1500 of the radios which allow for long-distance communication.

Another recommendation is to erect a 6-foot high fence around the perimeter of the 37 school campuses that currently do not have fencing.  At an estimated $900,000, the fencing suggestion is the costliest of the recommendations.

Scott also suggested that a walk-through metal detector be placed at each high school, as a deterrent against weapons.  So far this school year, officials have confiscated three loaded pistols or shotguns from students on school property, according to Scott.

The projected cost of the recommendations is estimated at $1,900,000 in capital expenditures and $200,000 in recurring costs.

The school board has the final say on which projects, if any, they will implement.  Their next meeting is scheduled for April 22nd.

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