Police: Woman tried to ram children's father with car

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Police say a woman was caught on video trying to run over her common-law husband with her car in North Charleston this week.

According to North Charleston police, officers arrested 24-year-old Alexis Simone Mack on Monday after the 27-year-old father of her children reported the incident.

According to the victim, he and Mack were having an argument in the parking lot of the CSL Plasma Center on Rivers Avenue when Mack got in her white Honda Civic and tried to run her over.  The victim said he jumped out of the way to avoid being struck, but Mack backed up and attempted to strike him again.

When she missed, the victim said Mack circled around the parking and and faced vehicle in his direction.  Police said his body was pressed up against Ford Crown Victoria parked in the lot when she gunned the vehicle in an attempt to run him over.

The victim jumped out of the way, causing Mack to strike the vehicle on the passenger side.

By the time police arrived, Mack had already fled the scene back to her home on Piggly Wiggly Drive.  Officers went to the home and arrested her.

She was released from the Charleston County Detention Center later this week after a judge her granted a $10,000 bond on Tuesday.

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