Cops: Chick-fil-A employee goes on shopping spree after stealing credit card

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - A former Chick-fil-A employee is accused of going on a shopping spree after stealing a customer's credit card at a drive-thru in West Ashley.

The Charleston Police Department arrested 36-year-old Kinya Lavette Gatling on Wednesday and charged her with financial transaction card theft.

Gatling's arrest stems from an incident on March 15, 2013 where police responded to the Chick-fil-A on 2013 Magwood Drive in reference to credit card fraud.

The restaurant manager told police that an employee, Gatling, stole a woman's credit card while serving her at the drive-thru window. The manager said he received a call from the victim who said she did not receive her credit card back after her purchase.

A police report states surveillance video showed Gatling placing the victim's credit card under the cash register, and later putting the credit card in her pocket.

The victim said her credit card was then used to make purchases at Target and two gas stations.

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