‘Urban core of Charleston,’ a development boom on Upper King Street

‘Urban core of Charleston,’ a development boom on Upper King Street

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - People Matter, a company that designs software for the food and beverage industry opened its offices Thursday afternoon.

Over 150 people will work at the new headquarters on Upper King Street. This new addition is a sign that times are changing in the neighborhood.

The area from Calhoun Street to Line Street is known as Upper King Street. This part of downtown Charleston is now being considered the "urban core" of the city.

Chris Price with Prime South Group said, "When you create an urban core, it is an environment where people can live and they can play. When we say play, there's a social environment of restaurants, bars, plays and the theaters. Then you can go right around the corner and go to work."

The Prime South Group, a development company has helped mold Upper King into what it is today, offering a new twist on something old.

Price said, "I think a lot of people were a little nervous that the mom and pops were being pushed out of this environment, but let's keep in mind one mom in pop would be moved out, but it would be replaced by another mom and pop. So Halls Chophouse is a mom and pop, it's just a different type of mom and pop."

One goal of the redevelopment of Upper King Street is to give options to those in the area, like the brand new Republic Garden & Lounge. The owners say they are offering a higher end bar environment.

Evan Powell General Manager of Republic Garden & Lounge said, "Definitely going to an upscale crowd. We are a high end lounge with nice products for grown-ups and there are a lot of great dining restaurants and bars where the locals go. People like to hang out, go to see your colleagues there, your friends and it's a great neighborhood to be in."

Price said the expansion of hotel space will bring more visitors to the area.

"Charleston has been very fortunate in that the bookend has been the Charleston Place. What's been lacking on King Street is a northern bookend and that now is being built with Midtown, a 300 room project, you have a 200 bed residential unit and then you have the new Holiday Inn. Those 3 projects have created the northern bookend," said Price.

The facelift of Upper King Street is set to continue well into the future. Over the next 2 years more hotels, condos and apartments are planned for the area to further diversify the neighborhood.

There is currently more than 200 thousand square feet of available space for development on Upper King Street.

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