Grits fans get messy at World Festival

RAW: Grits Festival

ST. GEORGE, SC (WCSC) - A popular lowcountry food has moved from the kitchen table, to an inflatable pool.  The southern staple of grits was highlighted this weekend at the annual "World Grits Festival" in St. George.

The most anticipated event was the "Rolling in the Grits" contest, when participants jumped into an inflatable pool filled with grits.  Whoever emerged from the pit with the most grits clinging to them won a money prize.

"I looked it up and then I saw people rolling around in grits, actually taking baths in grits, so I said 'I have to see this'," Festival attendee Christine Davis said.

In its 27th year, the festival originally started after several local grocery store owners said they were told by grits manufacturers that the area had the highest consumption rate of grits per capita.

"People have eaten it since childhood so it's kind of part of their family tradition," Quaker Instant Grits Marketing Manager Reshma Shah said.  "So you pass it on from one generation to the next generation and I think that especially within the southern culture, it's something that's very embedded and it's in their roots."  Quaker Instant Grits is a sponsor of the festival.

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