Police: 11-year-old draws pictures depicting teacher's, mother's death

COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The Walterboro Public Safety Department says officers responded to an elementary school after a teacher discovered pictures drawn by a student depicting her death.

On Thursday afternoon, police responded to the Forest Hills Elementary School on 633 Hiers Corner Rd. in reference to a student threatening his teacher.

An administrator at the school said it was brought to her attention that a student had made a nonverbal threat towards a teacher through drawings.

The teacher said the previous day, she was told by another student that the offender, an 11-year-old boy, was drawing a picture showing her in a "state of bodily harm."

An incident report states when the teacher approached the boy, he said the picture showed the victim with a broken leg, but he had since thrown it away.

According to investigators, after her students had left, the teacher located the drawing along with several others. Authorities say the first picture depicted a stick person, labeled "ME," and saying "DOESN'T FEEL GOOD DOES IT" while firing a gun at another stick person, who was given the teacher's name.

Police say the second picture showed a female on her back in a puddle of blood with a stab wound to her stomach with a knife on the ground. Another picture showed a stick person, labeled "ME," pushing another person off a cliff.

A police report states the boy initially denied drawing the picture with the knife, but later recanted and said he had drawn all the pictures. The boy told investigators the last picture was of himself pushing his mother off a cliff.

According to the boy, he drew the pictures because he was upset with the teacher regarding his homework not being completed. The boy said he drew the picture of his mother because he knew she would be upset with him.

The public safety department said a juvenile petition would be completed and turned over to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

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