Goose Creek daycare owner cleared of assault charge

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - A judge has dismissed an assault charge filed against a Goose Creek daycare owner, according to her attorney.

Attorney Paul Thurmond said a judge dismissed the third-degree assault and battery charge against 38-year-old Elona Colette Crawford during a hearing on Monday.  Crawford is the owner of the Just For Kids child-care facility.

Thurmond said the case fell through because of the judge's ruling that the sole witness, a six-year-old boy, was not capable of giving competent testimony.  There were no other witnesses or evidence in the case, Thurmond said.

After the ruling, Crawford issued the following statement: "I am grateful that the judge made the appropriate ruling and I am pleased to see our judicial system work. I have been in the business of child care for over fourteen years and have never dealt with this type of accusation. I insisted on a quick jury trial and appreciate the town's willingness to allow for me to have my day in court. More than anything, I am extremely grateful the twenty plus families, who have their children in our daycare, continued to stand by me and keep their children enrolled. They knew this accusation was false, and their actions show their trust in me. Finally, I want to make it clear that I hold no ill will towards the minor child, as his wave and smile at me in court was comforting to my heart that he has no fear of me, like his mother had claimed."

Thurmond also voiced his displeasure at the Dorchester Children's Center, claiming they "failed to acknowledge in their report that the alleged victim, a young boy, didn't respond appropriately to some questions, while at the same time indicated that he was never touched or hit by an adult or a woman."

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