Alleged murder-for-hire target files suit against estranged husband

Attorneys appear on behalf of Nancy Latham and her lawsuit against Chris Latham, pictured in the corner.
Attorneys appear on behalf of Nancy Latham and her lawsuit against Chris Latham, pictured in the corner.
Moore, Yenawine, and Wilkinson are behind bars.
Moore, Yenawine, and Wilkinson are behind bars.

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Mt. Pleasant woman federal investigators say was the target of a murder-for-hire plot has filed a lawsuit against her estranged husband and the three suspects accused of conspiring to kill her.

Attorney Matt Yelverton, appearing on behalf of Nancy Latham, held a news conference Monday afternoon to announce the filing of the lawsuit against Chris Latham, Wendy Annette Moore, Aaron Russell Wilkinson, and Samuel Arthur Yenawine. The latter three are all facing federal charges of conspiracy to commit murder.  Yenawine and Wilkinson are also facing federal weapons charges.

According to the civil complaint, Nancy's husband, Chris Latham, and his girlfriend, Wendy Moore, contacted Yenawine to murder his estranged wife "along with anyone else in her company at the time of the murder attempt."

The complaint also states Yenawine then recruited Wilkinson to be a part of the conspiracy. The lawsuit also includes a fourth person that has not been named. Lawyers say they believed this person allegedly laundered money.

Nancy Latham's attorneys say calls were made to their client to get her to a certain location, however, it was not disclosed who made those calls. Latham's lawyers also say that their client and her children are in hiding and fearful of their lives.

Federal investigators say the hit was supposed to be carried out on Apr. 7, one day before the Lathams were set to appear in family court for divorce proceedings.

The plot unraveled when Wilkinson confessed to Charleston police investigators following a traffic stop in the Charleston area on Apr. 5, court documents state.

During a preliminary hearing for the female suspect, held last week, court testimony revealed Moore had been living with and working for Chris Latham, a Bank of America executive. On Tuesday, Yelverton referred to a search that was underway for "electronic devices" they alleged were used by Chris Latham and Wendy Moore.

Latham's attorneys said their client was "in hiding," having undergone great emotional stress.

No criminal charges have been filed against Chris Latham. Wilkinson and Moore are being held in the Charleston County Detention Center.

Yenawine is being held in the Oldham County Detention Center in Kentucky. He is scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on Tuesday.

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