Local runner: Boston explosions brought back memories of 9/11

Local runner: Boston explosions brought back memories of 9/11

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Local folks who ran the Boston Marathon returned to Charleston Tuesday, still in disbelief about the terror attack on the race.

"9-11 came back and just didn't think we were that vulnerable anymore," said Lisa Deaton who was not far from the finish line when the bomb blasts occurred.

Deaton heard sirens and saw ambulances.

At first she thought runners were having medical issues.

"And then I looked up and people were running the other direction crying, and I thought what's going on, and then I heard someone say there's a bomb, there's a bomb and then it went chaotic."

Laura Jaynes hopped on the subway after she finished the race.

After being evacuated from the train, she found out about the bombing from a phone call.

"It was 25 minutes after I finished. Had I started the wave behind that, very well could have been me, my family. They were at the finish line cheering me on," said a still shaken Jaynes.

Jacob Driggers finished the race 50 minutes before the explosions.

"I saw on Twitter someone posted a bomb went off at the finish of the Boston Marathon at the finish line. I just thought it was a misread because I was just there," Driggers said.

Boston resident Mac Cerullo flew into Charleston Tuesday on vacation.

Cerullo was a spectator during the marathon.

"It is devastating. It is a real point of pride in Boston. It's tough to see that happen in your home city," Cerullo said.

As for the Charleston area people who ran the race, they are glad to be home safe and sound still reeling from this latest act of terror.

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