Neighbors strive to end violence through march

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Dozens of people laced up their sneakers for a community walk against gun violence in the Waylyn community of North Charleston on Sunday.

"Coalition – People United to Take Back Our Community" organized the event, which sought to promote peace, especially among kids.

"They're being raised to learn bad habits," co-founder Pastor Thomas Dixon said.  "What is right has become wrong in their eyes and what is wrong has become right."

Several children in attendance admitted to actually hearing violence in their neighborhood.

"We heard from them there's not a night that goes by here they don't here gunfire," Dixon said.

Organizers said while they believe the North Charleston Police Department and local schools jointly show a desire for peace, they are disheartened by a perceived lack of activities for young people.

"We don't have proper facilities to house kids in this community," co-founder Elder James Johnson said.  "That's why we're asking the city to step up.  Put millions of dollars in these communities for these kids, so we can get them out of the street."

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