IOP business owner says his car is not a billboard, city's attorney will review ordinance

IOP business owner says car is not a billboard, city's attorney to review ordinance

ISLE OF PALMS, SC (WCSC) - Dennis Samuelson, owner of Carolina Coastal Properties, says his business' logo has been on the Smart car for a few months.

"I'm boggled by how I could possibly be in violation of any sign ordinance."

He says it was never an issue until last Tuesday when he was approached by Councilman Michael Loftus.

"We have an ordinance that prevents you from parking your car such that the logo can be seen," explains Samuelson. "He believed we were in violation of that ordinance."

The ordinance that was enacted in 1994. It says signs on parked vehicles or trailers are not allowed. Samuelson says the car is used by the housekeeping staff.

"My car is a car. It's not a billboard. We use it in our business to drive around the island primarily checking on the rental properties we're responsible for."

Loftus says he saw the car parked in the same spot for three days.

"It's only when the vehicle moves from being a vehicle and moving around to parked deliberately to advertise a business where we have a problem," says Loftus.

The Mayor Pro Tem doesn't agree with Loftus and says the ordinance needs to be more current.

"We have a number of vehicles out here on the island, contractors, businesses, who promote their business on their car," says Mayor Buckhannon. "There should not be anything wrong with that."

Samuelson says if the car was meant to be a billboard he would have gone with a larger car.

"Some how these miles were put on there by the vehicle moving around. So, it's obvious it wasn't purchased for a billboard. If it was, I would have done something more than just a little logo on the back."

No action was taken in the city council meeting Tuesday. The city's attorney will review the ordinance and draft an amendment. The city council will then vote on the amendment.