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James Island Alum Bolus Back On The Field After Medical Scare

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It's been a long time since James Island alum Justin Bolus played in an actual football game. 

"My senior year I broke my wrist so I missed the last half of my season." Bolus said "So it will be 2 years since I played my last game."

After graduating, the former Trojans QB headed up to Charlotte to be part of the 49ers upstart program. But in the fall, doctors found out the pain he'd been having in his stomach was actually a twisted bowel. 

"When I got the first surgery which wasn't that serious I was a little worried about being able to play again because when they cut my stomach right down the middle I didn't know what was going to happen."

But that was just the beginning. Bolus was back in the hospital shortly after that, this time for a ruptured bowel. Combined with a 3rd stay for pneumonia and he was in the hospital for almost a month. He withdrew from school and lost 50 pounds. 

"It really scares me to think about how it was now." Bolus said

But Justin has battled back. The great physical shape he was in before all his medical problems helped him rehab quicker. In March he was on the field for his first official practice as a member of the Charlotte football team. 

"I've asked myself plenty of times why?  Why I had to be the guy to do it?  Honestly in the long run I think it is going to help me because you don't know how much you want something until you can't have it."

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