City of Charleston on track to approve new development on Johns Island

City of Charleston on track to approve new development on Johns Island
source: City of Charleston
source: City of Charleston

JOHNS ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Against the recommendations of the city Planning Commission, Charleston City Council is moving forward with plans for hundreds of new homes. It's a decision that could mean more development on Johns Island.

Dirt roads and open space is what some residents like about Johns Island.

Eric Cox a resident near the possible site said, "I want to be able to own my horses on my property. I want to be able to have my farm on my property."

A development with 460 single family homes could soon be added next to Eric Cox's neighborhood. The area in question is off River Road between Plow Ground and Evans Road.

Cox said, "Some of the properties along Evans Road are very much passed down from generation to generation."

Cox and some of his neighbors say they feel left in the dark when it comes to planning the future of their community.

"We have stuff rammed down our throats, everything from River Road and discussions from Kiawah, to Seabrook and widening River Road," Cox said, "They need to be talking to the community about what they're going to do to help keep this area rural, which is what most of the people around me want."

Tim Keane Director of Planning for the City of Charleston said the development falls within the rules of the city's urban growth boundary plan. It allows development in rural areas like Johns Island, but less of it.

Referring to the new neighborhood, Keane said, "We went from at least 12 hundred units, up to 23 hundred units. The city said stop, down to 460 because the city took that action several years ago and council knows that history."

Along with single family homes, the plan calls for an assisted living facility for seniors as well as commercial and office space.

"Half of the 462 acres will be open space. Parks, green space, conservation area and protected wetland area," said Keane.

Plow Ground and River Roads would serve as entrance points to handle traffic for the new neighborhood. Keane said Evans Road will not be affected or changed.

City council is expected to give final approval of the plan at their next council meeting on May 14th. There is no projected start date set for construction.

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