PAC pushes write-in campaign for Larry Grooms in SC1 race

Calling upon voters in the First Congressional District to reject the "radical liberal policies" of Democratic nominee Elizabeth Colbert Busch and the "daily embarrassments" of GOP nominee and former Gov. Mark Sanford, a California-based political action committee has waded into the Lowcountry race in order to push a write-in campaign for state Sen. Larry Grooms.

Radio ads from the Conservative Campaign Committee PAC have already begun airing in parts of the Lowcountry.

"We can write-in Larry Grooms on the ballot and be represented by a conservative Republican with a proven track record and the highest standards of ethics and integrity," says the ad.

"We don't have to settle for the lesser of evils in this special election."

Grooms was one of 16 other candidates seeking the Republican nomination for the First District seat vacated after Tim Scott was appointed to the US Senate.

The state senator was bested at the chance for the runoff election by former Charleston County Councilman Curtis Bostic, who eventually lost to Sanford.

Grooms took to Facebook on Thursday night to clear the air, stating, "It is my desire to unite Conservatives, not divide them [...] Support our Republican nominee, Mark Sanford."

The race has been turned on its head in the past week since revelations surfaced about Sanford trespassing at the home belonging to his ex-wife, Jenny Sanford.

National Republican groups quickly responded and dumped plans to help Sanford.

According to a recent poll, Colbert Busch has established a 9-point lead in the race that was once believed to be a safe GOP seat.

Voters in the First District head to the polls on May 7.

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