Middle school boy arrested for hit list

A middle school boy was found with a hit list. (Source: KTVX/CNN)
A middle school boy was found with a hit list. (Source: KTVX/CNN)

HEBER CITY, UT (KTVX/CNN) - Police say a 14-year-old boy at Rocky Mountain Middle School was making a list of people he wanted to kill.

It named 6 classmates as targets.

The news stunned students and parents.

"It kind of gives me the chills thinking that one of my friends could be on the list," said student Lexi Sulser.

"If he had problems he should have talked to someone about it instead of making a hit list. I think that's really scary," Lexi Richins said.

One parent was not happy he learned about the list from local media.

Police say the boy may have been planning to add more names to his list, and they're not sure if he was close to carrying out his plan.

"There were some issues that were going on with bullying back and forth between our suspect and the kids on the list," said Sgt. Jeremy Nelson, of the Heber City Police Department.

Parents and students agree that bullying is no excuse.

Casey Richins, Lexi Richins' father, said the principal at Rocky Mountain Middle School has no tolerance for bullies.

"I know for a fact that if he would have known, he would have put a stop to it in a hurry," he said.

Although parents say the community is a safe one, they believe they should have been notified once the list came to light.

The superintendent says the school met with the families of the six students named on the list to tell them what happened.

He says the school district did not send letters to the other parents because it no longer felt there was a threat.

The student is charged with six counts of harassment and six counts of threatening a life.

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