Motorcycle club's generosity grows, donates $8500 to veteran housing complex

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Riding for a cause that's close to their heart.

"There's a sense of helping our brothers," says Randy Kent, the founder of the Warhorse Brotherhood Motorcycle Club. "You don't leave someone behind. When we come down we do something like this, we're helping our brothers get back on their feet."

The Warhorse Brotherhood Motorcycle Club has been stopping by Veterans Villas, a transitional housing complex for veterans, since 2006. And, with every ride down the old navy base in North Charleston, housing director Melissa Kelly says their generosity grows.

"We are at $8500, and that is just amazing. That paid for almost half of this new vehicle. We have to transfer 36 patients to and from the VA everyday."

"We come down eat pizza with them or cook turkeys during Christmas time, just treat them like folks," says Kent.

Kelly says what's really touching is that the motorcycle club reached out to them.

"It really is just veterans helping veterans and someone having an organization, see a need and just stepping in to fill it, really without being asked, and that's amazing."

The motorcycle club says they love doing what they do, and they see the need only growing in years to come as soldiers make their way home from Afghanistan and Iraq.

"There's going to be a fresher wave of people, a new set of injuries, particularly PTSD," explains Kent.

The Warhorse Brotherhood is unique to South Carolina with just a few chapters around the state. The Charleston chapter was founded in 2002.