CCSD: More students graduating, teachers to get additional math training

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Hiring coaches to get better scores, but not on the football field. Wednesday afternoon the Charleston County School District held its State of the Schools event.

Superintendent Dr. Nancy McGinley laid out the accomplishments over the last year as well as plans for the future.

Dr. McGinley said more than half of the students in the district now attend schools with an "excellent" rating.

The graduation rate improved 3 percent from 72.2% in 2011 to 75.5% last year. Dr. McGinley says the improvement is because of a joint effort between the school district and the community.

"Public dollars never go far enough and our partnerships bring in mental health support, health services, opportunities for students to visit and actually do an internship," said McGinley.

The non-profit group Charleston Promise Neighborhood has partnered with 4 schools on the Charleston peninsula. One of their hopes is to get students on track for college at a young age while creating a community with more college educated adults.

"We feel that all of our programs are enhanced because we have diverse partners with different expertise come into the schools and support the students where they need it," Sherrie Snipes-Williams, CEO of Charleston Promise Neighborhood.

While Dr. McGinley says the district is closer to meeting its goals for the next three years, 8th grade math scores did not improve last year. She says there are federal funds set aside for math coaches and teacher training.

"Our students are being asked to master more complex information. That means the teacher needs to know the level of complexity in the area of math. We'll be working with teachers and making sure they're solid in math so they could help those students better," said Dr. McGinley.

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