Sports physicals revealing a number of other health issues

Sports physicals revealing a number of other health issues

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Stall High School sports trainer Danielle Greewood says her players know the drill when it comes to getting a sports physical.

She says what might seem routine is actually vital and has proven to detect crucial information about a student's health.

"The comprehensive talks about family history, illness history any problems you have had previously, so the doctor can know there is something in your background,"Greewood said.

While basic things like weight and height are evaluated, Dr. Valarie Scott says extra attention is focused on a student's heart and lungs.

"Yearly sports physicals are finding high blood pressure of 140/80 and that's terrifying, vision problems and heart problems in student athletes", Dr. Scott said.

It's those comprehensive physicals that have parents like Patricia Johnson relieved.

"It gives you a peace of mind as a parent to know they are not just putting them out there to play a sport. So I'm really glad of that", said Johnson.

Dr. Scott says a heart problem is the number one cause of death in student athletes and boys are five times more likely than girls to die from health related issues.

Just last season, Hartsville football player Ronald Rouse collapsed on the field and later died from a heart condition. Soccer player Miguel Alveraz says because of tragic events like Rouse's, having a physical gives him peace of mind.

"It makes me feel a lot safer when I'm playing, health wise and knowing I'm eligable to play", Alvarez said.

Greewood says during this year's physicals, medical staff evaluated 400 students and 15 of them had heart issues and were not cleared to play.

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