CFD, Coast Guard working on program following boat accident

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston Fire Department Chief Karen Brack and officials with the Coast Guard say they are developing a program to improve qualifications for vehicle operators following an accident last month that damaged a fire boat.

Brack said the Charleston fire boat, which was responding to help a Navy vessel, hit a jetty on April 13. Brack said that accident, which didn't hurt anyone in the responding craft, was a good opportunity to develop a program that would help deter another accident from happening.

"We've been discussing how to improve the process and put forth certification qualifications for anybody that is on a response vehicle in the harbor or in the Charleston region," Brack said. "It gives us an opportunity to get with our partners like the Coast Guard and other responders and develop a program."

Coast Guard officials say they are looking to increase the initial training and the proficiency requirements for personnel.

"We have a great opportunity to partner, a great opportunity to take the lessons learned and do something productive to put in place a program we feel will be strong than the program we had in place when we first started," Brack said.

Brack could not say exactly how much damage was done or when the boat will be back in service. The Coast Guard is investigating the accident.

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