Voting 101: Last minute details about voting in Tuesday's election

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - According to Charleston County's Board of Elections, if you didn't vote in the March 19th primary, you can still cast your ballot Tuesday.

Beaufort, Berkeley, Colleton, Dorchester, and Charleston counties all make up District One.

Charleston County has 180,000 registered voters, the most in the district.

"All of Mt. Pleasant votes tomorrow. All of West Ashley votes today, and all of our sea islands vote today," explains Joseph Debney, the director of the Charleston County Board of Elections. "The areas that are out of district one are mainly North Charleston, in the St. Paul's area."

If you live on the peninsula north of Calhoun Street you're part of district six and cannot vote, but if you live south of Calhoun, you're part of district one."

Another common question is "what do I need to bring to vote?" Debney says there are five types of identification that are acceptable.

"It's very important that voters understand that the voter ID law is in affect in South Carolina, so you can bring one of five pieces of identification. One is a South Carolina driver's license, and we have a South Carolina DMV photo ID, the voter registration card with a photo ID, a military ID, or your U.S. passport."

He says in the primary and run-off elections, the law wasn't an issue.

"We've gotten help from both parties," says Debney. "They want to make sure it works. They want to make sure voting is seamless for our voters."

You may notice something strange about your ballot: Elizabeth Colbert Busch is listed twice; once under "Working Families" and once under "Democrat."  Debney said that's because she won the nomination from both of those parties.  Voters are able to vote for her under either party affiliation.

If you have questions about where to go tomorrow, log on to Click on "Find Your Polling Place" on the right side of the page. If you do not have access to the Internet, you can also call the Board of Elections at 744-vote (8683).